Different Types Of Door Handles?

Different Types Of Door Handles?

Door Handles

Designer handle can frequently provide the finishing touch to your home, so choosing the right one for your next renovation is crucial. From Door Handles door knobs and handles to cabinet pulls and thumb turns, we’ve listed the many door handles available to help you determine which is best. We are providing best quality of the products.

Lever on back plate handles

Door Handles that come with a back plate are known as lever on back plate handles. They’re a typical style handle that comes with a back plate, a lever, and a lock, or just a thumb turn, which is most commonly used in restrooms. For more conventional buildings, the back plate comes in a variety of forms, including the basic shape, square, curved, and even fleur de lys-styled back plates.

1.     Lever on rose handles

Lever on rose door handles are levers that come with a square or circular rose that surrounds the spot where the handle joins to the door, hiding the fixings and giving the door a smooth finish. They are much smaller than backplates and do not include locks; nevertheless, locks can be installed separately and covered with escutcheons for a smooth finish. From plain stainless steel levers to polished chrome and two-tone finishes, and from linear handles to winged, curved, and square handles, the lever on rose door handles are available in a variety of shapes and finishes to fit your door.

2.  Cabinet pull handles

Cabinet pull door handles are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and designs to complement your furniture. Cabinet pull handles can be minimalistic, curved or linear in style, or more traditional, such as classic D handles and cast iron handles.

3. Cabinet knobs

Cabinet knobs can be used to modernise a room or add final touches to a piece of furniture, as well as for cupboard doors and cabinets. From contemporary square knobs to traditional brass and wooden circular knobs, they are available in a variety of designs, shapes, and colours to complement your home.

4. Lever latch door handle on back plate

This is a standard backplane door handle that is typically used on doors that do not need to be locked, such as the living room or dining room. It comprises of a backplane handle/lever that, when depressed, spins the spindle that goes through the door knobs online and the tubular latch within the door, allowing the door to be opened.3. Bathroom door handle set on a back plate.

5. Privacy door handle on a back plate

A thumb turn, also known as a turn and release or a snob and release, is located below the privacy set door handle. When this is turned, it activates a mechanism behind the backplane that prevents the handle/lever from being pulled down. It’s perfect for bedrooms and baths. The Victorian scroll suite, Victorian straight suite, and Georgian suite are the only handle designs offered for the privacy set. Only a tubular lock in the door is required for the privacy set.

6. Lever on rose door handle with bathroom lock and turn and release

Finally, the same pair of designer tower bolt online handles mounted on a rose, complete with one of our architectural quality bathroom locks (available separately) and a designer turn and release (also sold separately). The top of the bathroom lock has an 8mm square hole for the handle that operates the latch, and the bottom of the lock has a 5mm square hole for the turn and release that operates the lock.