Zoo Hardware Contract Tubular Rebate Kit – Electro Brass Or Nickel Plate


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Product Details

  • Zoo Hardware Contract Tubular Rebate Kit, for rebated pairs of doors to allow the latch & strike plate to sit correctly

  • Dimensions: 92mm Length

You would generally select this product for double interior doors E.G (French windows) with a rebated edge

If you are unsure if your doors are rebated, here is a simple way to check: Close the doors and if you can pass a piece of paper through the centre, they are NOT rebated

A Rebate Kit is an ironmongery accessory that is used to allow a lock or latch mechanism to be fitted correctly on a pair of double opening rebated doors. The term ‘rebated doors’ is used to describe a set of two doors which have been cut, or rebated, into one another