Plain Letter Plate (multiple Sizes), Polished Brass

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Please Note: 359mm x 113mm (E) size is currently unavailable. Please contact our Sales Office on (+44) 7969 309760 for further information. 

The UK s most popular style of letter plate – an industry standard. The sprung inward opening flap automatically closes once the package has passed through the aperture. The well defined edges and plain design makes for easy cleaning

  • Comes with a 10 year mechanical guarantee

  • Finish: Polished Brass


  • M36A – 254mm x 78mm, Aperture – 194mm x 41mm, Fixing Centres – 223.5mm (Economy)

  • M36S – 257mm x 81mm, Aperture – 185mm x 41mm, Fixing Centres – 220mm

  • M36B – 278mm x 96mm, Aperture – 210mm x 53mm, Fixing Centres – 242mm

  • M36H – 282mm x 80mm, Aperture – 229mm x 51mm, Fixing Centres – 258.5mm (A4 Aperture)

  • M36D – 306mm x 104mm, Aperture – 249mm x 60.5mm, Fixing Centres – 275mm

  • M36E – 359mm x 113mm, Aperture – 284mm x 63mm, Fixing Centres – 327mm

  • M36F – 401mm x 124mm, Aperture – 319mm x 70.5mm, Fixing Centres – 361mm

To avoid disappointment, please relate to the technichal drawings before ordering to ensure that you have chosen the correct size to match your door

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