Eurospec Mp10 Oval Profile British Standard 10 Pin Single Cylinders, (various Sizes) Polished Chrome


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Product Details

  • BS EN 1303 Cylinder Security Grade 2*

  • Anti-Pick – Special Anti-Pick Pins

  • Anti-Bump – Unique Anti-Bump Feature

  • Anti-Drill

  • Polished Chrome Finish

  • Supplied With 3 Specially Manufactured, Hardwearing Silver Nickel Keys As Standard

  • Keyed Alike & Master Suites Available:

Keyed Alike – Any number of Cylinders all opened by the Same Key pattern

Keyed To Differ – A single Cylinder with an Individual Key pattern

Master Keyed System – Any number of Cylinders each with an Individual Key pattern, a single Master Key opens all Cylinders in the system

  • NB: For Keyed Alike & Master Key options, please allow 5-7 working days for delivery

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