Bs3621 Fortress 5 Lever Mortice Sashlock

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“Experience Unrivaled Security with Our High Security 5 Lever Mortice Sashlock

Are you looking for top-tier security for your home or business? Our High Security 5 Lever Mortice Sashlock is the solution you need. This lock is engineered to provide maximum protection against various intrusion methods. Here are the exceptional features:

– **BS 3621:2017 Compliant:** This lock conforms to the stringent standards of BS 3621:2017, meeting the strict requirements set by insurance companies and law enforcement agencies.

– **20mm Bolt Throw:** With a substantial 20mm bolt throw, this lock offers additional strength and security, making it an excellent choice for safeguarding your property.

– **Drilling and Hacksaw Resistance:** Crafted with hardened steel plates, our Sashlock is resistant to drilling, and it includes two hardened steel plates in the deadbolt to fend off hacksawing attempts.

– **1,000 Key Variations:** Enjoy enhanced security with 1,000 key variations, making unauthorized access highly improbable.

– **Lock Picking Deterrence:** All steel levers feature false notching, providing a formidable barrier against lock picking.

– **Easily Reversible Latch Bolt:** The lock’s easily reversible latch bolt enables both left and right-handed operation, ensuring flexibility for your specific needs.

Upgrade your security with confidence by choosing our High Security 5 Lever Mortice Sashlock. Protect your property with the best in the business.”