Are The Ultra-Modern and Luxurious Look of Black Door Handles the New Talk of Town in the UK?

black door handles

Black door handles have been popping up everywhere. From sleek, modern interiors to the more traditional Victorian-style homes, the black door handles are a must for every home. Taking their inspiration from Bauhaus homes with their streamlining and straightforward aesthetic, black door handles are a timeless addition to any home’s design.

From matte black to black nickel and vintage-inspired to modern designs, you can find the right look for your home with a wide variety of styles. Door handles in the UK are gaining popularity with the colour palette that is in the darker shade, and it sure has the appeal that other colours miss out on.

How is it Proving to be Beneficial to Your Home?

Add a contemporary, industrial-inspired touch to your home decor with the installation of black door handles.

Black door handles add a bold statement, contrasted by their classic and stylish finish.

Whether you’re looking to modernise or redesign your existing décor, we’re here to break down everything you need to know in our handy guide below.

An All-For-One Product

Black is the colour of the season. Fashion people say black never goes out of style, so make sure you buy a lot of it. For example, if you are starting from scratch with new furniture, why not go for black? You will be able to match it with lots of other colours in your house.

Also, if you want to go for a more pared-down look and choose wooden units, the black hardware really helps. Interior designers are saying that this is true even if you have an extremely modern look with no hint of traditional decor whatsoever. Just think—black hardware suits almost any interior style!

The black door handles in the UK are no exception. They can go well with any kind of decor for your home and create a sense of blend and luxury right then and there.

They Speak the Language of Elegance

Black handles are the height of sophistication. If you’re feeling a little dull, why not lend your interior design a bit of style by installing some sleek black handles? They’ll add that extra touch of sophistication to your home or office and will easily attract compliments from guests.

The colour is indeed an effortless colour. That may sound peculiar, but in my defence, the colour effortlessly blends with styles and other colour palettes to bring a charming look. You will always be able to differentiate it from others, yet you will find it highlighting the other things of your home decor.

Doesn’t Ask Too Much of Maintenance

People tend to touch a lot of stuff in life, probably more than they should. But thankfully, some things can be kept pristine, such as door handles. They’re everywhere you go, even outside. So keep them clean and shiny by wiping them down with a soft cloth or chamois when needed.

Or you can just get a black door handle in the UK to wipe off the worry. It’s a get-and-forget kind of deal, like having a car with black door handles in the UK. It’s not just effective at wiping away fingerprint residue: it also repels dust, so it needs the least amount of cleaning liquid possible.

A Designer’s Choice – black door handles

Because we believe that creativity and home improvement are two sides of the same coin, at Designer Handles, we focus on both. Our black door handles speak for themselves — not only are they a perfect addition to any room, but they won’t break your bank account. In fact, our products usually cost pennies on the dollar compared to similar items sold elsewhere.

And if you’re worried about their quality, let us reassure you… We use iron and zinc in our design process, so you can be sure that each product is built to last. With a 100,000-use guarantee, you can trust our products over time. Because when it comes to black door handles in the UK, you should always bet on black!

If you are open to it, let us propose our choice for the door handle. Our Serozzetta Equi Door Handles On Square Rose are the most elegant designs in our arsenal. It sells like beer in a bar. The black nickel door handle in the UK holds the favourite fan award for a reason. Just look at this design.

It just takes our hearts away in an instant.

Will It Go Well With Tradition Interiors?

While it’s trendy, black is not just for modern interiors. Adding these door handles to a traditional design will add a remarkably stunning finish. It’s available in a wide variety of door handles. Furthermore, many people prefer the timeless style of authentic antique or period black door handles.

These handles can also be used in country-style homes, making them a great accessory for complementing natural wood tones. If you prefer a more contemporary approach, you can opt for an acrylic or brass handle shaped like a minimalist black box. These simple designs will add to the overall traditional characteristics of your home—no matter what style it is.

What About the External Doors?

Not only an ideal choice for your internal doors, but black door handles can make a great addition to your external doors too. When carefully maintained, black door handles will provide an attention-grabbing entrance to your home, garden or even sheds. In addition, their bold finish will look crisp and clean against a white, natural wood or neutral-toned external door.

You don’t need to raise an eyebrow towards the idea. To change your mind, we‘ve M Markus Donnington Door Handle. It is an antique black iron design. We guess that while they were manufacturing it, they were thinking about the wood storehouses. The reason is it looks like they were born for it. The rustic yet smoother appearance makes it a unique addition to the external doors.

Closing it Up

So are black door handles modern? Yes, but black is timeless—you can choose to use black door handles regardless of your style. With a wide range of black door handles in the UK, it has never been easier to update your door furniture. Using our website, you can shop our collection of black door handles to find your perfect fit.

In the end, black door handles are here to stay. They are convenient and useful. They catch the eyes of your guests, thus bringing more appeal to your home. And further, the black door handles in the UK offer practicality and encourage a sleek and contemporary decor style. The style is pretty much in demand right now and people love to see the trends. Even if the initial investment may seem like a bit more, it’s definitely worth it in the long run. All in all, black door handles will be enjoyed by everyone who wants to bring a touch of class and sophistication to their homes. The popularity of these door handles will only increase. Thus, if you want to be ahead of the curve, don’t wait any longer!

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